Toms: Beyond the Slip-Ons

Now back in Virginia, I’ve had a few days to unpack my suitcase, adjust back to Eastern Time and catch up on work emails.

During my two-week stay in LA, I soaked in some culture at the Museum of Contemporary Art, strolled the breezy streets of Santa Monica and tried Korean BBQ for the first time with friends at a great place in Korea Town (the two hour wait proved how good the food was).

I did squeeze in a buying trip to the apparel market in downtown LA, though, and bought suitcases full of clothing and jewelry to bring back to my boutique, Duo.

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Tory Burch Murray Sneaker

Back to Basics

The dread of going back to school as a kid was always slightly assuaged by the shopping trip to buy new outfits for fall. Back to school shopping was something I looked forward to because it usually involved a trip to the Gap or The Limited plus a stop at a local shoe store.

Looking back, it seems like I more often than not chose a new pair of canvas Keds. Something about these simple lace-up sneakers was synonymous with going back to school in September. That little blue rubber Keds rectangular logo on the back of the shoes was part of my childhood.

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California Sneaker

Three St. Laurent Must-Haves For Fall.

After a red-eye flight from LA, then a two hour drive home from Dulles airport, I arrived home to find a major Dreambox sitting on my front porch. It evoked a feeling similar to coming home to a bouquet of red roses after a trying day at work (though I’m not sure that’s ever happened to me, but it sounds fabulous).  Inside the box were my new St. Laurent Court Classic sneakers in Washed Pink that I ordered from Nordstrom because they had one size left and it was MY SIZE and they were on sale. Fate had intervened!

St. Laurent Court Classic in Washed Pink

Quite possibly the perfect summer sneaker: St. Laurent Court Classic in Washed Pink.

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Sea Stars

Travel style from the ground up.

I’ve been in LA for the past few days.  I love the style and energy of this city. The creativity is almost tangible as you walk through the streets.

For this trip, I had to pair down to 3 pairs of sneakers so I could carry on my bag. Aside from my Nike running shoes, I brought my favorite Golden Goose Midstars and my Golden Goose Sea Star slide-ons.

Sea Star

The Golden Goose Sea Stars

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