22Dreambox started as a blog about sneaker style, but is currently evolving. I want to write more about music, books, culture, and style, which may include, but is not limited to, sneakers.

What’s a Dreambox? Why 22?

22 is my lucky number. I use it every time I play the lottery, which is becoming more frequent the older I get. I see this number all the time: when I glance at my phone, when I snap out of a daydream and notice the exit number on the interstate, in phone numbers, addresses and social security numbers.

Dreambox is a term my boyfriend and I came across together while doing some online shopping. Basically, what other sites call your “Wish List,” this site called a “Dreambox.” What a fun thing to think about. Put everything you want in your Dreambox. Think about it. Visualize it. Then watch it come true.

About Greer

I own a small new-and-used clothing boutique called Duo in Charlottesville, VA. I am awfully fond of my 6 year old dog-child, a cocker spaniel named Truffles. I love checking out live music and prefer small music venues showcasing lesser known bands. I play mandolin in an all-female old-time band called Pretty Little Miss. We sometimes play around town at small bars and I have to admit, for a girl who still wants to be a country singer when she grows up, it feels pretty good to play to an audience.

I’d love to chat with you. Feel free to contact me with ideas or feedback!


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