Tory Burch Murray Sneaker

Back to Basics

The dread of going back to school as a kid was always slightly assuaged by the shopping trip to buy new outfits for fall. Back to school shopping was something I looked forward to because it usually involved a trip to the Gap or The Limited plus a stop at a local shoe store.

Looking back, it seems like I more often than not chose a new pair of canvas Keds. Something about these simple lace-up sneakers was synonymous with going back to school in September. That little blue rubber Keds rectangular logo on the back of the shoes was part of my childhood.

A few days ago, I bought a pair of Tory Burch Murray canvas lace-ups sneakers and it brought back the feeling of being a kid.

Tory Burch Murray Sneaker

I have a few pairs of lace-up sneakers in my closet, like my favorite grey Supergas and my St. Laurent Court Classics. Up until now, though, I didn’t have anything quite as simple as the Murray lace-up sneakers. I’ve never bought the Vans Authentics, always opting for their SK8-Hi styles. I haven’t worn a pair of Keds since the days of back to school shopping trips on my parents’ dollar. But something about the simplicity of this Tory Burch sneaker has me wanting more pairs in more colors.

These little sneakers are comfortable, too. They’re the shoes I want to put on to run errands or to wear on my date night to the Santa Monica Pier amusement park (again, that feeling of being a kid is so alluring). Unlike a lot of sneakers, these didn’t rub blisters the first couple times I wore them. They look great with shorts, skirts and it’s like they’re made to go with white jeans – either cuffed or cropped.

Best of all, they’re now on sale on the Tory Burch website. Originally $175, they’re now priced at $109, giving you a little extra money for your own grown-up back to school shopping trip.


Date Night in Santa Monica

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