Superga Velvet Sneakers

Velvet Evolver

When one thinks of velvet, the mind often goes to a burgundy vintage love seat with some wear on the armrests or a fitted navy dress from the eighties scored at a second hand store. But shift that mindset because velvet sneakers are anything but dated. In fact, they’re right on trend.

Superga Velvet Lace Ups

Velvet on the rocks

Velvet sneaks came onto the scene last fall and aren’t going anywhere, so grab a pair and wear them now. No waiting around for fall. This shoe pairs perfectly with summer.

Superga Velvet Sneakers

Velvet for any occasion, even the beach

Usually found in dark, rich hues, velvet sneakers can be worn casually. Don’t let the fabrication, historically reserved for evening wear, cause you to save them for special occasions. (Though I do love having a few pairs of “dressy” sneaks that can sub in for heels when necessary).

Superga Velvet Lace Ups

Casually chic

I love my Superga black velvet lace-ups. As you know, I’m a big fan of Supergas, in part because of their versatility, and these suede kicks take that versatility to a new level. I wear them to work with sundresses. I wear them with a maxi skirt and dressy top for a night out. And, as seen in these pics, I even wear them to the beach (though I don’t recommend this at high tide).

Superga Velvet Lace Ups

Jumpin’ for joy!


Get the complete look here:

Vans Janek II Floral Shorts, (which I got at the Vans store, but I just found them here on sale!), White Crow bell sleeve blouse (which I purchased at M. Fredric but I just found it here on sale!), front to back earrings from Duo , a Drift Riot gold necklace, which I bought at HoneyRyder boutique in Charlottesville, and my Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses. And of course, the Superga Velvet Lace Ups.



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