Superga Fantasy

The star trend makes dressing for the 4th a lot easier.

Notice how many clothes you’ve seen in a star print recently? It’s a fun throwback to childhood if you grew up in the 80s and early 90s like I did. But it’s being done in a more grown up way. We have this killer star print kimono maxi dress on sale at my store right now that is ultra glam.

I understand, though, that “prints are personal,” as they say in industry speak and some of you might not take to this Betsy Ross-esque trend.

One thing’s for sure, though. It made putting together a 4th of July outfit incredibly easy this year. No one can complain about having nothing to wear to the fireworks when there are racks of star print dresses, tops and skirts in almost every store.

I rocked the star print trend on the 4th with my Superga sneakers. I bought them two months ago on sale at DSW. Nothing says ‘Merica like a good sale and these were half off.


twinkle twinkle

I got my first pair of Supergas about three years ago when I needed a sneaker that would go with rolled up jeans but also with dresses and skirts.  I bought the Cotu Classic (pictured below) in grey and wore them til they finally got a hole in the toe. This brand is reasonably priced (most styles retail for under $100) and Supergas always seem to make my big size 9 feet look cute. I guess it’s the very rounded toe. This is the kind of shoe you’ll end up buying in a rainbow of colors and, hopefully a few prints, too.

Happy 4th!


3 thoughts on “The star trend makes dressing for the 4th a lot easier.

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