You’ve found it.

Your new favorite fashion blog is right here. It’s all about sneakers.

Let’s get right to it. My current sneaker obsession is Golden Goose Deluxe Brand . This company crafts hand made Italian magic and sells it in a shoebox.  They’re not cheap. Not at all. (Though a lot of sites, like Farfetch and Yoox, sell them at a discount).

My first pair and still my favorite are the Mid Stars:

Golden Goose Mid Star

My faves

This Mid Stars show off everything to love about Golden Goose. They come destroyed with scuff marks, paint splatter and perfectly placed destruction. The laces are already knotted at just the right spot for easy slide on and off. They have a glittery star.

Once you start wearing this brand, a Golden Goose addiction will begin. Ask anyone who has them. They have awesome men’s styles, too (my boyfriend has more pairs of Golden Goose than I do).

And since this is post number one, let me tell you a bit more about myself. I own a small new-and-used clothing boutique called Duo in Charlottesville, VA. I am awfully fond of my 6 year old dog-child, a cocker spaniel named Truffles. (Despite the pic of the unbelievably cute baby sneakers, I don’t have human children. But if I did, they’d wear those little sneaks everyday).

I love checking out live music and prefer small music venues showcasing lesser known bands. I’m currently listening to “In The Morning I’ll Be Better” by Tennis (Cville folks, they’ll be at The Southern in August). I play mandolin in an all-female old-time band called Pretty Little Miss. We sometimes play around town at small bars and I have to admit, for a girl who still wants to be a country singer when she grows up, it feels pretty good to play to an audience.

But enough about me. More sneaker posts coming soon!

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